Posted by: Farren | 08/11/2010

The Escaflowne Marathon

Well, the wife and I spent the entirety of yesterday watching Escaflowne.  It was quite amusing.  I only put in the first DVD because I wanted to watch some of it.  She was on the computer, so I figured she’d just yell at me about putting anime in.  It’s all I’ve been doing at home lately after work.  Soooo much to catch up on.

She was so cute sitting there shopping for furniture and occasionally looking up at the TV.  At first, she didn’t know I was watching her out of the corner of my eye.  I could see her bouncing along to the ending song a couple of times, but I started laughing when I saw her just sitting there watching the show.  She started laughing and yelled at me for laughing at her.  When the DVD was done, I asked what we should watch next.  She told me more Escaflowne.

I was quite surprised since she’s not really into anime.  She does like a couple of shows though, like Escaflowne and InuYasha.  We spent about the next 8.5 hours watching Escaflowne.  She didn’t want to stop.  It was so cute.  We finished Volume 6, and I went to get Volume 7.  About five minutes later, I told her that was the end; I didn’t have Volume 7.  I was horrified when I discovered this.  I even searched through a container that has some VHS tapes; I had Volumes 5 and 6 in there only.  I have no idea what happened.  I know for a fact that I had it before, because it took me forever to get it and Volume 8.  Now when I say, ‘forever’, I literally mean it took me years.  Lack of funds combined with being unable to find them put a bit of a damper on things.  Fortunately, I was able to get them before Suncoast went out of business.

She insisted we keep watching, so we went directly to Volume 8.  It was a little confusing skipping three episodes, but enjoyable nonetheless.  The first time I saw the ending, I was really disappointed.  It seemed like they just gave up and ended the story.  Like there was more they needed to tell, but they just stopped.  This time, though I didn’t feel quite that way.  I still didn’t like the way they ended it, but it didn’t seem quite as bad.  Maybe it’s because I missed three episodes this time around, or the fact that I understand the story more, but it didn’t seem like such a letdown.  Well, either way I’m still going to enjoy this series.  It’s actually the only complete series I own…for now.  I strongly suggest picking it up and watching it.  It’s only 26 episodes, and a really good time from start to…well…almost finish.



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