Posted by: Farren | 25/01/2013

On the fringe of of panic

Well I just had an awful scare. I got a minor virus at work while I had my external drive and a thumb drive plugged in. I’ve mentioned that everything came up clean after I deleted the infected files.

Well the other day I put a couple of episodes of Fringe on my external to bring home. When I went to get them on my XBMC comp, they weren’t there. Or so I thought. I checked my thumb drive, but didn’t see them there either. So I figured I just left them at work.

So to-day I remember that we needed to watch Fringe. I check the download folder on my work computer, but don’t see the videos. I plug in my hard drive and check the folder there. Well, the videos are there and have the correct extensions. I had some trouble during the fall with videos downloading without their extensions, so XBMC wouldn’t see them unless I was in the File Manager or in the main Ubuntu. I decided to download them again, just to make sure. After they were done, I moved them back onto the drive (overwriting the previous copies) and figured that was the end of it.

We came home and I plugged in the drive. A little while later when I got around to moving the files to the computer, I didn’t see anything. I checked another folder they might have been in (in case I put them in the wrong place), but didn’t see them anywhere. Just to make doubly sure, I plugged the drive into one of my Windows computers. There they were: the two files I’d been looking for. I figured that maybe XBMC was having trouble seeing them (even though Ubuntu should have been able to), so I made copies and changed the extensions from .mkv to .m4a. That didn’t fix anything.

So I tried the thumb drive. I copied the videos over to that and plugged it in. Nothing. No videos. Now I’m starting to panic. I’m starting to think my drives are still or again infected. We did have another incident at work of the same infection with another user, so maybe the virus is still with me. I copy a visor from the hard drive to the thumb in Ubuntu. I plug it back into Windows and see the new file. I go back to the other computer and its still not seeing Fringe.

So back to Windows I go. The new file is gone. Now I’m really starting to worry. But I also have my instincts telling me to reboot XBMC. I just don’t want to because it doesn’t always come up. And it it does, it doesn’t always initialize the audio. Something I need to work on. But I run a virus scan on the thumb and even boot into Safe Mode when the scan is clean. Heck, I even did a search for all .executive files on Windows. I gave up after area minutes of looking at the results.

Finally I give in and reboot XBMC. It comes up just fine, and even sees the four Fringe videos. I guess this means I really ought to find out what’s wrong and get it fixed. I’m just glad my drives are clean.

Listen to your instincts. They’ll save you time and worry.


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