Posted by: Farren | 31/05/2015

The Rain

It’s raining outside. A rainstorm is one of the most relaxing things ever invented. Yes, I just said “invented”. The sound of the rain hitting the ground, splashing in the puddles, dripping from the eaves, running from the downspouts…it’s one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. The smell of the wet earth, and the moisture in the air lets you know the world is getting cleaned.

Just sitting and listening to the sound of the water or looking out the window and watching the rain fall, the leaves bounce and drip on the trees has such a calming effect. There’s just something about the rain that even when you’re sad or depressed, it just calms and relaxes you and lets you know things will be okay. That no matter how bad the world gets, the bad will always be washed away and things will look new. Rain is Nature’s way of washing away the world’s troubles.

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